Monday, June 26, 2017

De$igned to Deceive™️ is a board game based on my new book of the same name. It is also a game with hidden 1” magnets that provide an unexpected element of surprise. Just as in the book two art-aware cats have special ability. Zen and Zoe, have an uncanny ability to tell fake art from the genuine article are the real heroes in the spine-tingling thriller where forged, and stolen masterpieces change hands in the multi-billion dollar underworld art marketplace few people are aware exists. The game combines elements of Monopoly and Poker, two of the most popular games of all time. readers interested in cats, limericks, puzzles or art can get a taste of De$igned to Deceive by reading a sample chapter on the book's website: Or by purchasing this book and others by visiting: The “based on the bestseller” may or may not become a reality. As an alternative or additional game I may create a card game based on the book.

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