Monday, June 26, 2017

Noah and the Ark™️ and The King's Kids™️ are two games designed especially to fit within a standard Operation Christmas Child shoebox. The two games are printed back-to-back on cardboard and the 24 game pieces can be perforated or punch-outs from the printed board without damaging the actual game board. The game pieces and board should be familiar because they are based on Checkers or Draughts, as it is called in many countries. Although the games have a Christian basis, they should appeal to all children over the age of eight and can be learned easily with a little adult instruction. The game wrapper illustrates the way pieces move pictorially so the ability to read English should not be necessary.

THE 3 GAMES BELOW ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR INCLUSION IN OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD SHOEBOXES. If any prove to be commercially viable, generating an income, the profits would be given away through or to the ministries of my home church, Venice Church of the Nazarene - or other Christian ministries.

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