Tuesday, August 15, 2017


1. Create a Gift Product (or products) that children of all ages will love and play with and buyers will choose when filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, which are distributed to children in 150 third-world countries.

2. It must be a commercially viable item readily available on-line and through major retail chains such as Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, Target, Dollar Stores, etc. for dedicated buyers who fill 13,000,000 shoeboxes each year. This, alone, is a huge market. 

3. It should also have appeal, because of price and appearance, to non-Christian buyers. Players do not have to be Christian or church-goers to enjoy.


SPIN-R-TOSS ™️ is an indoor or outdoor universe of fun - so many ways to play. On any hard surface the spacecraft will spin as if hovering with just a a quick twist of the top mounted “radar.” Who's spacecraft will spin longest? With a flick of the wrist, as if throwing a Frisbee, the flying saucer will fly 30 or 40 feet at warp speed to find new worlds of merriment. Of course, there is a crew of space aliens to colonize any new universe the craft may land on. Add the possibility for an upgraded version with whirling colored led lights to extend the fun beyond “lights out” for space adventurers of all ages!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

TIC TAX NO ™️ is an original variation of one of the first games we learn to play. No need for pencil or paper to scribble out the squares, the up, down, across or diagonal Xs and Os because the magnetic game board holds pieces firmly in place EXCEPT, perhaps, when playing to complete three in a row. It's a different game then, because on any turn a player may find his X or O tossed off the square. It's the magnets in the game board and playing pieces that add to the fun and surprise. When a player's piece is rejected he loses that turn and his playmate has a chance to block or complete three in a row. A search of major retailers shows there are other magnetic Tic Tac Toe game boards, but none with magnetic game pieces as in TIC TAC NO. ™️

Monday, June 26, 2017

Stan-M-Ups™️ is a game of Attract and Repel using a 10MM magnet hidden in each game piece. Players have no way of telling if the piece he or she is trying to add to the stack will be attracted to the one below or thrown off the pile. Rules are very simple, illustrated on the side of the box. The game pieces measure 2” x 2” and have a colorful pattern on each side that be laid side-by-side to create larger patterns, adding another game for even very young children.

Children are fascinated with dinosaurs and this very simple, DiZin-A-DinO™️, card game allows players to compete against one another to put together two, three or four card dinosaurs. Each card also has a numerical value that, if desired, can be used to teach addition. The cards are standard size playing cards that can be printed in quantity at a very reasonable cost – ideal as gifts from one child to another, as stocking stuffers at Christmas and especially as a gift in some of the 13,000,000 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes distributed by Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse Ministry.

Noah and the Ark™️ and The King's Kids™️ are two games designed especially to fit within a standard Operation Christmas Child shoebox. The two games are printed back-to-back on cardboard and the 24 game pieces can be perforated or punch-outs from the printed board without damaging the actual game board. The game pieces and board should be familiar because they are based on Checkers or Draughts, as it is called in many countries. Although the games have a Christian basis, they should appeal to all children over the age of eight and can be learned easily with a little adult instruction. The game wrapper illustrates the way pieces move pictorially so the ability to read English should not be necessary.

THE 3 GAMES BELOW ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR INCLUSION IN OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD SHOEBOXES. If any prove to be commercially viable, generating an income, the profits would be given away through or to the ministries of my home church, Venice Church of the Nazarene - or other Christian ministries.
De$igned to Deceive™️ is a board game based on my new book of the same name. It is also a game with hidden 1” magnets that provide an unexpected element of surprise. Just as in the book two art-aware cats have special ability. Zen and Zoe, have an uncanny ability to tell fake art from the genuine article are the real heroes in the spine-tingling thriller where forged, and stolen masterpieces change hands in the multi-billion dollar underworld art marketplace few people are aware exists. The game combines elements of Monopoly and Poker, two of the most popular games of all time. readers interested in cats, limericks, puzzles or art can get a taste of De$igned to Deceive by reading a sample chapter on the book's website: ReadDTD.com. Or by purchasing this book and others by visiting: BestBooksOfAll.com. The “based on the bestseller” may or may not become a reality. As an alternative or additional game I may create a card game based on the book.

Lim-R-Iddles™️ is a card game based on my book of the same name, which is derived from a nationally syndicated scrambled limerick newspaper feature that ran in over 100 papers nationwide some years ago. The limericks and illustrations are as fresh today as when they first appeared. The original books, Lim-R-iddles One and Lim-R-iddles Two were published by Simon and Schuster's Essandess Editions. These were reprints of puzzles from the syndicated newspaper feature I originated and co-wrote with Al Adler. The object of the games is to get rid of all the cards in your hand by completing the funny limerick rhymes. I own all rights to the puzzles and contemplate completing as many as three more books of puzzles.
Godfadda™️ is a wildly hilarious card game with all the elements to challenge and amuse “the family.” The object of the game is to protect your Godfadda, to control as much Vice as possible and Whack opposing Godfaddas while avoiding Justice – just as it is in real life. There are six Godfaddas heading competing families. Angelo “Shrimp”Alfredo – what he lacks in height, he makes up in meanness, Luigi “Noodles” Panini, Johnny “Greezie” Gotcha, Moe “Big Cheese” Mozzarella, Louie “Let's Do Lunch” Liguine and Edwardo “ED” Viagrano – also called “Droopy” by some of his more intimate acquaitances. Of course, there are Contracts and Hit men and some unfortunate players end up “sleeping with the fishes.”

I own domain names for all of my books. I own, and have websites for BestArtOfAll, BestBooksOfAll and BestGamesOfAll. I believe all games can be trademarked. In some instances, art work for the games would have to be redrawn because the images used were pulled from the Internet and I have no way to determine if they are public domain, royalty free, copyrighted or trademarked. This will only be necessary if design patents are applied for because there is interest in producing the game commercially. I created, and have prototypes for each of the games.

I own the domain name www.BRNAGN.com and would incorporate using that name for the company. I feel sure it can be trademarked.
www.bornagain.com is owned, but was once offered for sale for $98,000.