Monday, June 26, 2017

Godfadda™️ is a wildly hilarious card game with all the elements to challenge and amuse “the family.” The object of the game is to protect your Godfadda, to control as much Vice as possible and Whack opposing Godfaddas while avoiding Justice – just as it is in real life. There are six Godfaddas heading competing families. Angelo “Shrimp”Alfredo – what he lacks in height, he makes up in meanness, Luigi “Noodles” Panini, Johnny “Greezie” Gotcha, Moe “Big Cheese” Mozzarella, Louie “Let's Do Lunch” Liguine and Edwardo “ED” Viagrano – also called “Droopy” by some of his more intimate acquaitances. Of course, there are Contracts and Hit men and some unfortunate players end up “sleeping with the fishes.”

I own domain names for all of my books. I own, and have websites for BestArtOfAll, BestBooksOfAll and BestGamesOfAll. I believe all games can be trademarked. In some instances, art work for the games would have to be redrawn because the images used were pulled from the Internet and I have no way to determine if they are public domain, royalty free, copyrighted or trademarked. This will only be necessary if design patents are applied for because there is interest in producing the game commercially. I created, and have prototypes for each of the games.

I own the domain name and would incorporate using that name for the company. I feel sure it can be trademarked. is owned, but was once offered for sale for $98,000. 

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